Special Forces

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  • Description

    Sherpa Light 4x4 light tactical vehicles family is designed to provide light forces (infantry, paratroopers, marines, internal security) very high performances in terms of mobility and carrying capacity. The Sherpa Light vehicles are equipped with protection systems against mines and improvised explosive devices and a ballistic protection according to CEN 1063 and STANAG 4569.

    Sherpa Light Special Forces is a combat vehicle particularly adapted to Special Forces thanks to its off-road agility, its endurance and its capacity to fire a powerful force, with three 7.62mm weapon carriers and a ring able to carry a weapon up to 20mm. The vehicle is equipped with additional water and fuel tanks as well as communication systems and additional interferers.

    Sherpa Light family includes different versions, according to the military or internal security profiles. The vehicle has not only convinced France, but also NATO and armies and police forces in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

  • Characteristics
    GVW 11 t
    Wheelbase 4.1 m
    Lenght/width/height 6.3 x 2.4 x 2.2 m
    Ground clearance 0.33 m (under axle)
    Max crew 5
    Max roadspeed 110 km/h
    Max autonomy 1400 km
    Fording 0.75 to 1 m
    Vertical obstacle 0.4 m
    Trench 0.9 m
    Gradient 60%
    Side slope 40%
    Air transport A400M, C-130H, C130-H30