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  • Description

    Resulting from 40 years of experience through the VAB legacy, VAB MARK 3 is a median 6x6 armoured vehicle with outstanding performances in terms of mobility and carrying capacity. VAB MARK 3 offers a very high level of survivability to its crew with its ballistic protection, according to STANAG 4569.

    The vehicle modular platform can be configured in numerous versions: troop transport, infantry combat vehicle, reconnaissance and fire support vehicle, mortar carrier, command post and ambulance. VAB MARK 3 can be equipped with medium and large calibre weapons systems (90mm to 12.7mm turrets or 120mm mortar).

    The vehicle also comes in a Law Enforcement version, for use by the internal security forces.

  • Characteristics
    GVW 20 t
    Wheelbase 2+1.4 m
    Lenght/width/height 7.3 x 2.65 x 2.5 m
    Ground clearance 0.38 m (under axle)
    Max crew 2+10
    Max roadspeed 100 km/h
    Max autonomy 800 km
    Fording 1.4 m
    Vertical obstacle 0.5 m
    Trench 0.9 m
    Gradient 60%
    Side slope 40%
    Air transport A400M, C-130